Course Coordinator

Dr. Lori Kayes is the Course Coordinator who oversees the BI21x series including BI211. Contact:

Fall BI211 Instructors

There are three regular sections and 1 honors section of BI211.  The Instructors are:

Dr. Andrew Blaustein - Integrative Biology

Dr. John Fowler - Botany and Plant Pathology

Dr. Nathan Kirk (Section 050 and Honors) - Integrative Biology

Dr. Indira Rajagopal (Honors) - Biochemistry/Biophysics


Graduate Teaching Assistants

There are 29 Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) that teach the lab sections. These TAs come to us from a variety of departments and programs including Zoology, Botany and Plant Pathology, Environmental Science, Molecular and Cell Biology, and others.


Teaching Interns

Undergraduate Teaching Interns assist the Graduate Teachign Assistants in the lab.  Click here for more information about the internship program.


Lab Prep Staff

The Bi21x lab are prepared by a staff of undergraduate students.

Alexis Amatisto

Molly Cordell

Sam Hay-Roe

Andy Hirtzel - Lead Prep Staff

David Hubert  - Lead Prep Staff

Elva Manquera

Wilamina Munoz-Solis

Audrey Reeves

Michelle Reynolds

Kaelie Sivihok

Candace Wallace