1) Use your instructor and TA office hours are study help.  These are often unused.  Even if you don't have specific question go to the office hours and review concepts with your instructors. This is a powerful resource.


2) Study with a group and do the same thing, explain concepts to each other and make sure you can teach each concept to the group.


3) Test yourself frequently over the material using questions that you do not know the answer to (end of chapter question, study area or quizzes in Mastering Biology, Study Guide for Campbell Biology).  Particularly practice with multiple choice questions that you have to select the correct answer from several answers that all look correct.


4) Make sure you are reading the textbook before lecture and come prepare with questions.


5) Dedicate time to studying outside of class & between lectures – experts recommend 2-4 hours of outside class study time PER LECTURE HOUR. For our class, you should be studying a minimum of 6-12 hours per week.


6) Learn the roots to words to help with terminology.  Practice using biology words in your everyday life.


7) If available, sign up for the Supplemental Instruction tables. (Not available during summer term)


8) Buy the Optional Study Guide for Campbell Biology and work through the exercises associated with each chapter you read.