Do I need the Access Code for Mastering Biology?

Yes! You should purchase the code either directly from the Mastering Biology Website linked in your Canvas site or from the OSU bookstore. DO NOT buy a code from a second party vendor as you are likely to purchase the wrong code. Make sure that you do not buy the global edition or Course Compass. These will not work for our assignments.

How do I register for Mastering Biology?

To register for Mastering Biology, visit the Canvas site and clicker the MyLab and Mastering link in the left menu bar. If you already have an account, login to join the new course. If you don't follow the directions to purchase a new account. There is a free temporary two--week access if you need to delay payment. All questions and concerns regarding registration and on-line assignments should be directed to Dr. Kayes, the course coordinator.

When is the on-line homework due?

There are weekly End-of-Week homework, extra credit dynamic study modules and adaptive follow-ups that are all due on Sundays at 11:59 pm. The last assignment is due Sunday before Finals Week. There are daily pre-lecture reading quizzes that are due at 9 am MWF over the readings assigned for that day.

I am waitlisted for this course, what do I need to do?

If you are waitlisted, you need to attend lab, class and complete Mastering Biology Assignments during week 1 and 2. You will NOT have the opportunity to make-up these points in the event that you are admitted to the class. DO NOT attend the lab that you are waitlisted for during week 1 and 2, as you will not be allowed to participate without permission from Dr. Kayes. Instead you MUST contact Dr. Kayes to schedule a lab that week. The most common reason that students are waitlisted for BI21x courses is that the lab section they want is full. If you are waitlisted for the course and can attend lab at another time, please contact the Biology Registration Coordinator, Trudy Powell (trudy.powell@oregonstate.edu) to register.

Where is my lab?

The Bi21x labs are in three different rooms in Weniger Hall (112, 226, 228). You need to check and make sure that you are in the correct room prior to attending your first lab section.

Who do I contact with questions/concerns?

For Registration questions: Contact the registration coordinator, Trudy Powell (Trudy.powell@oregonstate.edu).

For Lecture Content questions: Contact the Lecturer responsible for that material.

For Lab questions: Contact your TA first and if they can not help you contact Dr. Kayes (Bi21x@science.oregonstate.edu).

For logistical questions: Contact Dr. Kayes (Bi21x@science.oregonstate.edu).

When in doubt, contact Dr. Kayes.

How should I study for exams?

See Study Tips

What is plagarism?

I want more opportunities to participate in Bi21x?

We have multiple opportunities for students that have completed the BI21x series to participate more in our program.

1) The undergraduate teaching intern program returns students to the labs to participate in peer instruction and assist the TAs. This is a for credit volunteer position. For more information visit http://oregonstate.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_3kHtc2hL51jCtGR .

2) The Bi21x Prep Staff prepare the labs each week and maintain our equipment and facilities. These are paid positions. For more information email Dr. Kayes @ bi21x@science.oregonstate.edu

3) Learning Assistant program -Allows students to help deliver active learning in lecture. THis requires a 2 credit pedagogy course in the first term of LAing and is a volunteer or for credit opportunity. Currently LAs are used in Bi212, Bi213 adn Bi21xH. See here for application: http://oregonstate.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_89chmOjBxGeq5nv

4) Undergraduate Research Opportunities: Work with our datasets collect by enrolled students to answer questions about ecology, evolution and behavior. For more information contact Dr. Kayes @ bi21x@science.oregonstate.edu.

I can't get into the section that I want, what can I do?

If the lab section is full we cannot override you into the sections. The sections are capped based on the number of seats in the room.

You can waitlist for up to two additional sections once the priority II registration opens. There is often a lot of movement of people around in lab sections. If the lab section is full we cannot override you into the sections. The sections are capped based on the number of seats in the room.

All registration questions should be directed at Trudy Powell, the Biology Registration Coordinator, Trudy.powell@science.oregonstate.edu

How do I register my clicker?

What are the best ways to succeed in Bi21x courses?

1. Ask if you have questions.
2. Bring and use the hand held clicker to participate in lecture and lab.
3. Take additional notes during lecture and while studying – the posted notes are only to serve as an outline – they are not complete.
4. Dedicate time to studying outside of class & between lectures – experts recommend 2-4 hours of outside class study time PER LECTURE HOUR. For our class, you should be studying a minimum of 6-12 hours per week.
5. Read the textbook and do your Mastering Biology assignments before class.
6. Check Blackboard and your onid email frequently (at least every other day) for announcements and course information.
7. Test yourself frequently over the material using questions that you do not know the answer to (end of chapter question, study area or quizzes in Mastering Biology, Study Guide for Campbell Biology).
8. Form productive study groups.

I am interested in graduate school in Biology, how do I find positions?

OSU funding page -- follow links for internal and external grants/fellowships

Bridge to the Doctorate, IGERT and NSF Grad Research Fellowship programs provide generous stipend and tuition support for students through the National Science Foundation.

NASA supported fellowships

I am interested in doing undergraduate research, how do I start?

OSU has an undergraduate research program: http://oregonstate.edu/students/research/

Paid Summer 2014 Undergrad Research Opportunities:
More than 650 programs – REU and other summer research opportunities for undergrads