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Overview and Goals

The BI21x Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Development Program is intended to support OSU graduate students in their teaching and facilitation experiences. While not exclusive to TAs currently in the classroom, the program is meant to provide structure and guidance primarily to graduate students who are serving in an instructional capacity in the Biology 21X series

 The goals of the program are threefold: (1) Improve and supplement the knowledge, skills and experiences of GTAs so as to better prepare them for instructional and facilitative roles; (2) Bolster GTAs’ instructional and facilitative skill set so as to better prepare them for future employment; and (3) Improve the learning experience and engagement of undergraduate students who are enrolled in courses/sections taught by these GTAs.

GTA Outcomes

By successfully completing the learning experiences associated with this program, it is intended that GTAs will be able to:

  • Design an undergraduate academic course including the development of classroom expectations, learning outcomes, and assessment techniques
  • Implement quality classroom management skills including, but not limited to, responding to disruptive behavior and academic dishonesty, providing accommodations to students with disabilities, and providing appropriate feedback to students
  • Develop and practice innovative teaching strategies to engage students, promote critical thinking, and further their understanding of scientific inquiry
  • Locate and understand related educational policies (institutional, state, or national) that impact classroom instruction/facilitation
  • Access and make appropriate referrals for institutional student support services